How To: Draw on a box


  1. Toddler plays with box
  2. Toddler wants to “Draw”
  3. Get pens and move box with Toddler into kitchen (that way if Toddler colours outside of box, it’s easier to clean up)
  4. Toddler Draws on box
  5. Toddler finds circle holes in box
  6. Toddler uses circles as a stencil to make black and purple circles on kitchen floor
  7. Notice what Toddler is doing
  8. Grab Jiff and wet cloth
  9. Start cleaning floor
  10. Toddler walking away with black pen in hand
  11. Call Toddler back “I know what you are thinking of doing… we don’t draw on walls”
  12. Toddler comes back
  13. Realise pen is not coming off with the cloth – need a scrubbing brush
  14. Fill bucket and collect two scrubbing brushes (Toddler wants to help too)
  15. Scrub away at the marks on the floor while Toddler scrubs the rest of the kitchen floor
  16. Collect scrubbing brush off Toddler and grab sponge mop
  17. Use sponge mop to mop up Toddlers puddles
  18. Put bucket, scrubbing brushes and mop away
  19. Toddler now wants to play with Tunnel – See: “How to play with a Tunnel”



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