How To: Cook Dinner with the help of a Toddler


  1. Tell Toddler it’s time to cook dinner
  2. Toddler says “I help?”
  3. Smile and say “Oh! Yes please thank you for offering”
  4. Toddler smiles and opens pantry door
  5. Tell Toddler we need three potato
  6. Toddler opens potato bin and counts the potatoes out
  7. Toddler closes bin and pantry doors
  8. Take potatoes to bench, get out two vegetable peelers (one for you and one for Toddler)
  9. Toddler pulls out step ladder
  10. Help Toddler open step ladder
  11. Toddler climbs up and selects their vegetable peeler
  12. Give Toddler a potato to “peel” while you peel the other two
  13. Give Toddler the two potatoes you’ve peeled to wash under the tap while you peel the last one
  14. Have last potato to Toddler to wash
  15. Put steamer on floor and ask Toddler to put frozen peas into it, while you cut up the potatoes
  16. Toddler happily opens freezer door, selects frozen peas and attempts to pour into steamer
  17. Only a few peas fall out into the pot (peas are frozen into a large clump)
  18. Toddler says “Peas Stuck”
  19. Stop cutting potatoes and show Toddler how to bang bag of peas on floor to help break them up
  20. Toddler happily bangs the pea bag on the floor until they can be poured into the steamer
  21. Toddler pours peas into steamer and nods head
  22. Toddler says “All done Mum, Peas”
  23. Tell Toddler “Well done” and ask them to put the peas away
  24. Toddler stands there and starts eating the peas out of the bag
  25. Remind Toddler to put the peas away
  26. Toddler puts the peas away and lifts up steamer
  27. Take steamer off Toddler and put on stove
  28. Toddler opens his drawer and pulls out snack container
  29. Toddler then proceeds to fill container up with peas he poured out, but didn’t make it into the pot
  30. Toddler eats his little snack and puts in lounge for later
  31. Toddler comes back up step ladder and helps put potatoes into pot
  32. Fill pot with water and put on stove – turn on
  33. Pull out defrosted chicken – give Toddler tongs
  34. Help Toddler move chicken out of bag onto oven rack
  35. Put chicken into preheated oven
  36. Send Toddler into lounge until dinner is ready
  37. Hubby comes home asks what’s for dinner
  38. Tell him chicken and vegetables
  39. Toddler runs into kitchen with a grin and says “I help”
  40. Share smile with Hubby before he takes Toddler back into lounge to listen to Toddler tell him how he cooked dinner

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