How To: Be absentminded when you are overtired…

This is a collection of the really silly things that I have done while being very tired from a rough night with the Toddler… more to be added as the absentmindedness occurs in future…

  1. Put cold water into my coffee (thinking I had boiled the jug, I had not)
  2. Forgot to put coffee in my cup and after putting the hot water and milk in I discovered that I had made “sugar water”
  3. Put my wheat bag into the fridge – instead of the microwave
  4. Put Toddler’s nappy on backwards
  5. Poured my thyroid meds into the sink instead of my glass of water
  6. Cracked pepper into a frypan instead of putting oil into it
  7. Taken a sip out of my cup, but forgot open mouth – resulting in cold coffee being poured over my face and front of my top…
  8. See a post on FB of someone asking for you to supply ideas for a name for their new baby… look later in the day when more awake and realise that it wasn’t their baby in the picture they wanted a name for (who, BTW looks to be 1 years old!) but the kitten sleeping next to them! Oops! (Oh well, at least the name “Thayet” will work for a cat too)
  9. Gone to take something out of the HOT oven with my barehands… (thankfully I’ve realised just before I touched it!)

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