How To: Watch the Olympic Games


  1. Book Gymnastics on Sky for the morning at 9am
  2. Get woken up by Toddler at 7am (cool, little sleep in!)
  3. Let Hubby have sleep in
  4. Sort breakfast
  5. Sit down to watch Gymnastics
  6. Realise you got up too early – watch Dora the explorer instead
  7. 9am watch Gymnastics
  8. Watch Male Gymnasts do their thing
  9. Cringe when poor French guy breaks a leg
  10. Turn off T.V.
  11. Do a few things round the house with Toddlers help
  12. Tell Toddler we’ll go out later with Daddy
  13. Toddler insists on putting Thomas helmet on
  14. Toddler insists on waking Daddy up
  15. Convince Toddler to have shower instead and let Daddy sleep
  16. Finish shower as Daddy gets up – Daddy kindly dresses Toddler
  17. Go outside with Toddler playing on bike
  18. Chat to hubby while watching Toddler
  19. Toddler picks up hose and starts running with it in his hands
  20. Hose only goes so far
  21. Hose sling shots Toddler backward
  22. Check on Toddler – Toddler fine, have a laugh with Toddler
  23. Tell Toddler to come inside to get ready to go out
  24. Toddler grabbs digger toy
  25. Wipes gumboots on doormat
  26. Says ‘Wipe, Wipe” to digger
  27. Wipes diggers “feet”
  28. Takes helmet off and changes clothes for warmer ones
  29. Get Fish and Chips for lunch
  30. Get to Ardmore airport
  31. Put Toddler in tray of ute to watch planes
  32. Have fish and chips
  33. Toddler sits on chips
  34. Toddler walks round with mushed up chips on bum
  35. Toddler tries to open Daddy’s tool box – fails
  36. Toddler drinks Daddy’s drink – get bubbles up nose and sneezes
  37. Clean up remainder of fish and chips – put in rubbish bag to dispose of later
  38. Toddler throws rubbish bag out of tray of ute
  39. Remind Toddler we don’t litter
  40. Toddler finds rubbish bin in tray of ute
  41. Toddler puts rubbish bag into bin –  play’s with rubbish bin like a drum
  42. Toddler tries to jump out of tray of ute – stop Toddler
  43. Spitfire flies over
  44. Toddler stops everything to watch Spitfire
  45. Watch planes for a while longer
  46. Get back into car and go home
  47. Sit down while Father-in-law cooks dinner (Cheese Toasties)
  48. Cook custard and pears for desert
  49. Watch Toddler enjoy dessert
  50. Watch Toddler pour remaing custard into cup for a drink (no spills!)
  51. Toddler licks plate
  52. Toddler puts plate on head and then throws on floor
  53. Clean up plate, leave Toddler in highchair in care of Daddy
  54. Get cloth to clean Toddler up
  55. Hear  “No!” – come back to find cup now on floor
  56. Pick up cup off floor and clean up Toddler
  57. Put Toddler in bath
  58. Get splashed
  59. Tell Toddler not to run and jump in the bath
  60. Tell Toddler not to drink bath water
  61. Say “bye bye” to water and pull plug
  62. Get wet hug from Toddler
  63. Chase wet Toddler with towel
  64. Catch up with Toddler on Grandpas knee
  65. Finish drying Toddler
  66. Get clothes
  67. Try to convince Toddler to get dressed
  68. Get asked “What’s that?” pointing behind me
  69. Don’t fall for Toddlers trick
  70. Get asked “Drink?”
  71. Bribe Toddler with drink in Giant Shrek cup if they get dressed
  72. Get Toddler dressed
  73. Tell Toddler it’s bedtime
  74. Toddler grabs Monkey and makes a beeline for the bath
  75. Toddler says goodnight to the bath
  76. Toddler kisses the bath
  77. Tuck Toddler into bed
  78. Read The Foot book
  79. Tell Goodnight Moon
  80. Sing alphabet
  81. Do animals in alphabet – struggle with K and X ( say K is for kite, X is for X-ray)
  82. Sing There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
  83. Give Toddler goodnight kiss
  84. Decide to check up on animal’s starting with K (Kangaroo – DUH!) and X (X-ray Tetra – well, I was close with X-ray!)
  85. Sit down and realise there is not much free to air Olympic Games
  86. Watch “Carry on, Follow that Camel” instead (Giggle the night away)

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