How To: Vacuum the house


1. Get out Vacuum

2. Give excited toddler a vacuum attachment to hold onto (as he really loves to help vacuum)

3. Start vacuuming

4. Get to bedrooms and realise Toddler is not following and “vacuuming” behind you as he usually does…

5. backtack to the kitchen

6. Find said Toddler “feeding” the cat

7. Get out brush and shovel

8. Put entire contents of cat food back into its bag

9. Finish vacuuming

10. Go to bed and let Hubby take over until Dinner.


How to Cook Dinner:


1. Get woken up by awesome little smiles and cuddles from cute Toddler 😀

2. Get up from Nap and prepare potatoes and peas

3. Get told “Wees” by Toddler

4.Take Toddler to the toilet

5. Get roll out of the toilet and put in rubbish bin

6. Clean up wees off the floor and tell Toddler that it’s ok, accidents happen

7. Wash Hands with Toddler trying to eat soap that looks like cupcake

8. Start cooking sausages and prepare Gravy

9. Clean up cornflour off kitchen floor

10. Serve dinner to family


How to put Toddler to bed:


1. Convince Toddler that they need a nappy on to go to bed

2. Put Toddler into PJ’s

3. Tell Toddler one book, one story, one song and then sleep

4. Read one book, tell one story and sing three songs

5. Say goodnight to toddler and get a lovely “goodnight” back

6. Walk out room in amazement that there was no “sing song” or “Wait, where you going?”

7. Get to lounge give DH and FIL a triumphant smile and air punch

8. Go to kitchen to start dinner dishes

9. Hear a giggle and a “Hi!” behind you

10. Stop stacking dishes and put Toddler back to bed.


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