How To: Teach a Toddler not to wear shoes while on the couch


  1. Sit down with coffee
  2. Toddler comes up for cuddles
  3. Toddler gets off
  4. Toddler puts gumboots on
  5. Toddler jumps up on couch
  6. Tell Toddler you don’t jump on the couch or wear shoes on the couch
  7. Have Toddler pause and look pointedly at my slippers on my feet on the couch
  8. Consider explaining difference of slippers and gumboots
  9. Take slippers off
  10. Toddler takes Gumboots off

Later in the day

  1. Toddler sits down next to Daddy on the couch with gumboots on
  2. Toddler Takes off gumboots and looks at me “Boots off!”
  3. Lovely smiles from Toddler
  4. Praise Toddler for taking off gumboots

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