How To: Start teaching your Toddler the Alphabet


  1. Sing the alphabet every night at bedtime (and through out the day when you can)
  2. Say the phonetics of the Alphabet every night (changing in theme every week)
  3. Get alphabet books and read to every day/night
  4. Get CD’s from the library and play on continuous loop so you hear it every time you go out in the car (Dame Judi Dench’s one is pretty good AND tolerable)
  5. Get alphabet magnets for Toddler to play with (which get spread around the house each time you use them, and find them in many random places the next day or weeks later)
  6. Get alphabet puzzle
  7. Get an annoying DVD that pronounces the letter “Z” as “Zee” instead o “Zed”
  8. Find Elmo’s ABC’s DVD – Put it on to find out it only has the letters “A” “I” and “J” (Decide to see if whole set is at the Library)
  9. Ask Toddler to help bring in the wood
  10. Have Toddler point to wood and say “Wood! Wwww… Wood!”
  11. Praise Toddler for getting it right 😀
  12. Continue with making a game out of letters and have heaps of fun every time Toddler comes out with a new letter 🙂




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