How To: Remove a Milo stain from a Cookie Monster Jumper


  1. Give Toddler Milo
  2. Toddler drinks Milo and spills a few spots of milo on Cookie Monster jumper
  3. Get new jumper for Toddler
  4. Take off Cookie Monster jumper, put new one on
  5. Put Cookie Monster Jumper in the laundry
  6. Open laundry cupboard to get out napisan
  7. Find that you are out of nappisan
  8. Remember seeing a special 2 for 1 offer at Reduced to clear
  9. Pack Toddler into car for a ride
  10. Go to The Warehouse and find special on kids DVD’s (3 for $20)
  11. Get 3 Fireman Sam DVD’s (something new to watch yay!)
  12. Go check out prices of napisan – can’t find it anywhere
  13. Pop into craft area to see if anything new for current projects
  14. Find a whole heap of journaling cards you’ve been eyeing up for ages – On Special!!!!!!
  15. Collect $50 worth of them and pay only $14 (dance for joy back to car to Toddlers amusement)
  16. Drive next lot of shops around the corner
  17. Got to post office, get stamps for Postcrossing
  18. Go to Mitre 10
  19. Take Toddler to toilet
  20. Lay disposable change mat on public toilet floor (EW!)
  21. Kneel down on floor  (double EWW!!)
  22. Clean public Toilet (not so Ew…)
  23. Help Toddler with pants
  24. Perch Toddler on toilet
  25. Toddler shakes head
  26. Take Toddler down off toilet
  27. Help Toddler with pants
  28. Help Toddler flush toilet
  29. Help Toddler wash hands
  30. Throw away disposable change mat
  31. Wash hands again
  32. Walk out to toilets and head for playground
  33. Toddler only kid on playground
  34. Toddler goes on everything
  35. Toddler spots a ball
  36. Toddler crawls under “car”
  37. Toddler comes out with 2 balls
  38. Toddler is covered in dust
  39. Clean Toddler off as best as possible
  40. Help Toddler carry balls up to the top of the slide
  41. Repeat above step
  42. Tell Toddler 3 more slides and then we’re going home
  43. Toddler goes down slide two times
  44. Toddler goes up stairs “bye bye stairs” (after each step)
  45. Toddler says “bye bye tunnel”
  46. Toddler says “bye bye slide”
  47. Toddler goes down slide
  48. Toddler says “bye bye car”
  49. Toddler picks up balls
  50. Explain to Toddler that the balls stay at the playground for other children to play with
  51. Toddler puts balls back under the car “bye bye balls”
  52. Toddler willingly gets into pushchair and comes out of the playground
  53. Praise Toddler and collect a mop and buy on the way out of Mitre10
  54. Go into Reduced to clear to get nappisan
  55. Find a really nice Gluten Free cup of soup on special
  56. Toddler decides they want to hold mop
  57. Give mop to Toddler
  58. Toddler puts mop on floor and it mops though out the whole store (doesn’t matter as the sponge has plastic covering over it)
  59. Have a giggle at Toddler so casually “mopping” in front of him while he’s sitting in pushchair
  60. Get milk – 2 for 1
  61. Get to check out
  62. Hop into car
  63. Get home, put shopping away
  64. Go into laundry and find Cookie Monster jumper
  65. Realise you forgot to get the napisan from Reduced to clear
  66. Spray Cookie Monster jumper with natural stain remover and throw in washing machine
  67. Hope that it will remove the stain after a nights soaking
  68. Carry on with the rest of the day

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