How To: Put a Duck, in a Cup, with a Hippo on top


  1. Get woken up by Toddler at 3am
  2. Bring Toddler in bed for cuddles
  3. Go back to sleep
  4. Get woken at 6am being kicked in stomach by Toddler
  5. Tell Toddler through tears of pain that you don’t kick – it hurts
  6. Toddler giggles and tries to kick again
  7. Grab Toddlers foot and give it a kiss (it’s the only way you think you can diffuse the situation as the tired brain before the morning coffee can’t think of anything else)
  8. Toddler giggles
  9. Toddler stands up and tries to swing from hanging lamp above bed
  10. Unhook Toddler’s hands from lamp and tell them we don’t swing from the lamp – they are NOT Tarzan.
  11. Toddler giggles
  12. Lie back down and count to 10
  13. Get kicked in stomach again
  14. Toddler giggles
  15. Roll over and ignore Toddler – still counting to 10…
  16. Toddler giggles and counts in cutest angelic voice “1…2…3….1….2…3….”
  17. Roll back over and look at Toddler
  18. Toddler gives best smile
  19. Laugh and give Toddler a hug
  20. Toddler says “UP”
  21. Toddler gets down off bed and hands you dressing gown
  22. Get up and make breakfast
  23. Sit Toddler in high chair facing the windows for them to watch the morning traffic go down the road
  24. Have breakfast and morning coffee
  25. Get Toddler dressed for the day
  26. Have quick shower and get dressed
  27. Walk out the door and get Toddler in car
  28. Give Toddler their duck in a cup with a hippo on top for good measure
  29. Open Gates
  30. Walk back to car and realise your favourite flats are falling apart
  31. Pop back inside and quickly grab spare slip on shoes – throw favourite flats into the bin *sniff*
  32. Get back to car – Toddler still looking at hippo
  33. Go into town
  34. Drop library books off
  35. Tell Toddler we’re going for a walk
  36. Go for a walk to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  37. Attend speech therapist Q&A workshop
  38. Toddler happy to play with toys in room and other children
  39. Toddler brings over alphabet puzzle
  40. Toddler points to letters
  41. Tell Toddler what letters are and do the phonetics of them  (S is for Snake… SSSSS-Snake)
  42. Have other two Toddlers come over and start pointing to letters
  43. Make the sounds out for each letter to joy of Toddler and other Toddlers
  44. Feel relaxed enjoy playing ABC’s with children
  45. Ask speech therapist questions about Toddler’s speech – they confirm things that may need to be tested and that we’re doing the best thing with other concerns (which are no longer concerns now!)
  46. Feel satisfied that you’re doing the best that you can for Toddler and they are coming along very well
  47. Finish up workshop and tell Toddler that we’re going to get into the pram and go for another walk
  48. Toddler gets into pram happily (no fuss!) and says “Let’s go!”
  49. Leave Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and go to cafe for lunch
  50. Toddler excited to have mini coffee cup like Mummy’s
  51. Finish lunch and go into Artisan Beads
  52. Buy more embellishments for scrapbooking tonight
  53. Discuss possible products to make with beads and embellishments
  54. Buy something pretty for Toddler (A heart to make into something special for them later)
  55. Leave get to car park
  56. Give Toddler musley bar and sit to watch construction across the road from carpark
  57. Toddler lets off squeal
  58. Look at Toddler
  59. Toddler pointing at entrance to carpark and the cars
  60. “Mum! Look! Car! In there!”
  61. Look for a bit and realise what is making him very excited are the cars coming into the carpark entrance and “Magically” changing into a different colour or type of vehicle when they leave (we are on the second floor and the entrance is just below where we are standing – none of the cars are coming up the ramp)
  62. Smile and tell Toddler “WOW! Magic!”
  63. Toddler then repeats “WOW! Look it, Magic!” for the next half hour until no more cars are coming in or out
  64. Convince Toddler that the Magic is over for now and we need to get home
  65. Put Toddler in car seat
  66. Give Toddler a Duck in a Cup with a Hippo on top
  67. Drive home with Toddler singing “WOW! Hippo, Car Magic, Duck Cup”


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