How To: Make a Toddler’s Lunch


  • Toddler open’s fridge
  • Ask Toddler if they want lunch
  • Toddler nods
  • Ask Toddler what they watch for lunch
  • Toddler points to items in fridge
  • Pull out: Tomato Sauce, Bbq Sauce, Luncheon sausage, Peanut butter, and strawberry jam
  • Toddler still pointing into fridge
  • Ask Toddler to use their words
  • Toddler gets upsets and still pointing in fridge
  • Point to every item in fridge only for Toddler to get even more upset
  • Lift Toddler up to show what they want
  • Toddler points to the light in the fridge
  • Toddler says “Light Fridge!”
  • Smile and say “Yes! There is a light on in the fridge”
  • Put Toddler down and close fridge door
  • Look at bits and pieces out the fridge and decide to make PB&J Sandwiches and slices of luncheon with the two sauces as dips.
  • Make Sandwich and slice luncheon sausage
  • Pick up Bbq sauce and squeeze bottle
  • Sauce squirts everywhere except downwards
  • Toddler giggles “MESS!”
  • Laugh with Toddler “Oh dear! Yes, mess!”
  • Clean up spilled sauce
  • Put Bbq sauce under hot tap to remove congealed sauce on cap (should’ve done this at last use Doh!)
  • Squeeze Bbq sauce and Tomato sauce onto plate
  • Put Toddler into bib and high chair (as it’s a messy meal and still folding washing)
  • Give Toddler a drink of water in sip cup, along with uneaten mandarin pieces, now defrosted peas from earlier and a yoghurt for luck.
  • Toddler eats all on his plate – avoids peas and mandarin but will not allow them to be thrown out

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