How To: Introduce Toddler to the Circle of Life


  1. Sit down and watch T.V.
  2. A story about a Hawk comes on
  3. Hubby turns to Toddler and says “Look, a Hawk! We saw one of those yesterday didn’t we?”
  4. Ask Hubby about how far away the hawk was from Toddler
  5. Hubby said “quite close”
  6. Ask Hubby to explain some more
  7. Hubby tells story…
  8. Went to Airport to watch planes yesterday
  9. Toddler was sitting in fold out chair
  10. They were both watching planes
  11. Toddler saw a Rabbit
  12. Toddler watched rabbit for a while
  13. Toddler screams
  14. Hawk had swooped down and picked up rabbit
  15. Toddler sits there and watches hawk eat rabbit
  16. Toddler says “Mess! It’s a Mess!”
  17. Toddler not too fazed after that
  18. Continue to watch hawk and planes until they go home
  19. Toddler is somewhat introduced to circle of life


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