How To: Have Daddy Change Toddler’s Nappy


  1. Offer Hubby a coffee
  2. Start making coffee for self and Hubby
  3. Toddler does a poo
  4. Ask Hubby to change it
  5. Continue making coffee’s while Hubby takes Toddler to get changed
  6. Hear “No! I’m not reading you a story right now, I’m changing your nappy”
  7. Hear “Book!”
  8. Hear “Put the book down”
  9. Hear “Ok, hold onto that book while I change the nappy”
  10. Hear “Come here, I need to change your nappy so you smell like roses again”
  11. Hear *nappy open* “Woah! It already smells like roses…”
  12. Hear “DADDY!”
  13. Hear “MAXI!”
  14. Hear “I’m Stuck”
  15. Hear “NO! Leave it!”
  16. Hear “Stuck”
  17. Call out and offer for help
  18. Get told “No, I’m fine… “
  19. Shrug shoulders and continue making coffee
  20. Hear “Tummy!”
  21. Hear “Yes, that’s your Tummy”
  22. Hear “BOOK”
  23. Hear “Ok, lets read the book now”
  24. Hear “NO! MUM!”
  25. Toddler and Hubby come out
  26. Hubby goes to Train room
  27. Toddler comes up to you with book about trains
  28. Read toddler book while Hubby has a breather


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