How To: Have a relaxing weekend (when you have a Toddler)


  1. Get woken up by Toddler at 6am
  2. Have Breakfast
  3. Put on Fireman Sam
  4. Daddy gets up
  5. Daddy takes Toddler to  airport
  6. Decide to use this time to do some cleaning and organising
  7. Have a break and make  a coffee
  8. Come down with a blinding headache
  9. Take painkillers and go to bed to sleep off the headache
  10. Noise seems to escalate from the builders next door
  11. Grandpa comes home from outing
  12. Grandpa leaves again
  13. Hubby comes home and checks on you
  14. Realise it’s quiet
  15. Ask where Toddler is
  16. Hubby gasps – “Thought I’d forgotten something”
  17. Interrogate hubby
  18. Hubby switched toddler with Grandpa at the gate
  19. Grandpa has gone to Ardmore Airport with Toddler
  20. Toddler and Grandpa come back
  21. Change Toddlers bum
  22. Toddler outside with Grandpa riding bike
  23. You inside cleaning
  24. Still got headache
  25. Cook dinner – spag bol
  26. Toddler falls asleep
  27. Take toddler to bed
  28. Change nappy
  29. Toddler rolls over
  30. Put new nappy on – ask toddler if they want dinner (toddler slightly awake)
  31. Toddler wants bed
  32. Tuck Toddler in
  33. Have dinner
  34. Watch batman vs superman – LOOONG movie
  35. Have dessert – Jelly Tip Ice Cream (YUM!)
  36. Finish watching batman movie
  37. Go to bed at 11pm


  1. Get woken up at 2am by toddler
  2. Give toddler bottle
  3. Toddler goes back to bed
  4. Get woken at 4am
  5. Give toddler bottle
  6. Toddler back to bed
  7. Get woken at 6am
  8. Toddler comes into bed for cuddles
  9. Toddler wriggling
  10. Daddy takes Toddler into lounge (negotiate he sleeps in both mornings next weekend)
  11. Go back to sleep until 9.45am when Toddler needs a bum change
  12. Change Toddlers bum
  13. Sore throat – Take pain killers
  14. Make breakfast for self and 3 coffees and a magic milo
  15. Have Toddler hold onto your dressing gown and follow you around
  16. Sit down have breakfast
  17. Toddler jumping on couch
  18. Remind Toddler that coffee is HOT
  19. Daddy ready to go out
  20. Put on Fireman Sam while finishing breakfast
  21. Grandpa and Daddy offer to take Toddler (Toddler happy to go out)
  22. Finish breakfast
  23. Have shower – get dressed
  24. Put 3 loads of washing on
  25. Sit down for lunch – burn hand while making soup
  26. Burn not so bad under cold water
  27. Have lunch
  28. Daddy, Grandpa and Toddler home
  29. Feed Toddler last nights dinner for lunch
  30. Hang out washing
  31. Toddler comes out to help
  32. Toddler checks dry washing and nods
  33. Toddler on motorbike tricycle
  34. Toddler silent
  35. Toddler looking at ladder (now on ground, thinking about how to lift it no doubt…)
  36. Toddler goes on playground
  37. Hose down playground
  38. Toddler wants to go on bike again
  39. Hang up more washing
  40. Toddler gets hose and puts down drain
  41. Grandpa comes out and turns it on for him then off again when Toddler tries to wet him
  42. Toddler on bike
  43. Toddler puts hose in cat door (hose off)
  44. Tell Toddler to put the hose away
  45. Finish hanging out washing, bring in dry and collect Toddler
  46. Make coffee
  47. Toddler in pantry – custard powder ends up on floor
  48. Clean up
  49. Give Toddler afternoon tea
  50. Go Food shopping
  51. Get to food shop to find parking lot full
  52. Manage to find a parking spot
  53. Get into the food shop and give Toddler shopping list
  54. Turn the corner and find a trolley jam
  55. Toddler says “Go! Go!”
  56. Explain to Toddler  that we’re got to wait
  57. Have all the trolleys move out the way
  58. Smile and say “Thank you”
  59. Toddler says “WOW! Thank you!”
  60. Get to baby aisle and look for bubble bath
  61. Can’t find bubble bath in usual brand, so buy an alternative
  62. Toddler puts hands on hips and waves their finger
  63. Give Toddler bubble bath bottle to hold
  64. Toddler happy
  65. Buy food – find that you are under budget (yay!)
  66. Get home, put shopping away
  67. Find that you missed a few things out
  68. Plan to finish the shopping list tomorrow.


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