How To: Go to the Dentist

1.Wake up later then intended

2. Eat breakfast and have shower while Trusty Grandpa feeds Toddler breakfast

3. Put Toddler in car – give Ducky in Cup with Hippo added for extra entertainment

4. Open and shut gates

5. Get to Dentist

6. Leave Toddler in car with Trusty Babysitter Grandpa (who will read to, take for walk, feed and entertain until Dental Appointment is finished)

7. Have friendly chat with receptionist (who’s also a family friend)

8. Prepay for Dentist to ensure no chickening out…(ouch in the pocket)

9. Sit in Dentist Chair , lay head back

10. Sit up, pull hair tie out of hair

11. Lay back down again

12. Say Hi to Dentist, ask about his holiday

13. See BIG needle Squeeze eyes shut so you don’t see it and freak out anymore

14. Open mouth

15. Lay patiently while Dentist does his work

16. Get stuffed nose

17. Realise you can’t breathe out of nose

18. Start to breathe out of mouth (hope that dentist doesn’t think you have bad breath)

19. Realise you can’t breathe out of mouth OR nose

20. Have panic attack

21. Wave hands frantically to get Dentist’s attention

22. Try not to move head in process while BIG drill is in mouth

23. BREATHE! Now that Dentist has removed big drill from mouth

24. Explain to Dentist that you can’t breathe through nose or mouth for some reason

25. Proceed with plan: Hold breath while dentist works, snap fingers when need to breathe

26. Walk out of Dentist with full lower lip numb, right side of face and tongue numb

27. Get to car to find Toddler in front seat waving at me cheerfully

28. Try to give Toddler smile

29. Fail and catch dribble with a little giggle… 😛

30. Pick Toddler up, get a lovely cuddle accompanied with slobbery kiss on numb face

31. Put Toddler in car seat, hand Toddler “ROADWORKS” book

32. Sit in passenger seat on way home, listening to Toddler singing “Truck T-T-T-Truck!” “Car C-C-C-Car!”


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