How To: Give a Toddler a Bubble Bath

  1. Put 5 squirts of bubble bath solution into the bath
  2. Turn the water on
  3. Undress Toddler
  4. Put Toddler into bath
  5. Let Toddler play with the bubbles for a while
  6. Wash Toddlers hair
  7. Put on a “Bubble Beard”
  8. Toddler Giggles
  9. Wipe Bubble beard off
  10. Pull Plug
  11. Get Toddler out of bath
  12. Put Towel on Toddler
  13. Let Toddler run into the lounge to Grandpa
  14. Collect Pj’s and Nappy
  15. Put nappy on Toddler – let them stay in towel for a bit longer
  16. Make custard and pears for dessert
  17. Give to Toddler
  18. Toddler eats it cleanly, only getting a little bit on them
  19. Go get a wet cloth to clean face
  20. Come back to Toddler taken hood of towel off and splashing hands in custard bowl
  21. Take bowl off Toddler, leave wet cloth with them
  22. Come back to find cloth were you left it and custard hands in Toddlers no-longer-clean-hair
  23. Clean Toddler up
  24. Put Toddler into shower
  25. Dry Toddler
  26. Put Toddler to bed (3 books and “Goodnight Moon” recited)
  27. Close door
  28. Got to kitchen
  29. Take cough mixture for sore throat
  30. Sit down and relax for the rest of the night.

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