How To: Give a Toddler a Bath


  1. Feed Toddler Chilli Con Carne for dinner
  2. Give water bottle for drink
  3. Take bottle off Toddler for squirting it into dinner bowl
  4. Clean up dinner
  5. Feed Toddler Jelly for dessert
  6. Start stacking dishes
  7. Toddler throws bowl of jelly on the floor
  8. Clean up jelly and Toddler
  9. Give Toddler a bath
  10. Entertain Toddler in bath by spitting water out of mouth
  11. Have Toddler in fits of giggles
  12. Watch in amusement as Toddler tries to do the same but only results in dribble raspberries
  13. Take Toddler out of Bath
  14. Put Toddler on potty
  15. Praise Toddler for using potty
  16. Clean up potty
  17. Dress Toddler
  18. Make bottle
  19. Read Thomas’ Tool Box
  20. Read Tigger’s Breakfast
  21. Sing the Alphabet
  22. Sing There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
  23. Say Goodnight to Toddler and give goodnight kiss
  24. Close door
  25. Hear door open
  26. Put Toddler to bed
  27. Go to loo
  28. Hear Toddlers door open again
  29. Tell Toddler to go to bed
  30. Hear Toddler say “Where are you?”
  31. Get out and find Toddler in Lounge
  32. Take Toddler to bed – Toddler stays this time

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