How To: Get a good nights sleep

1. Go to bed

2. Fall Asleep

3. Wake up freezing

4. Close bedroom window

5. Snuggle into blankets and start to drift off to sleep

6. Get woken up by Toddler

7. Pull Toddler into bed to warm them up

8. Get head butted by Toddler

9. Get Kicked by Toddler

10. Give Toddler to Daddy

11. Make bottle

12. Collect Toddler off Daddy

13. Change Nappy

14. Put Toddler in bed

15. Sing “This old Man”

16. Sing “There was an old Lady who swallowed a fly”

17. Walk slowly to door

18. Get to Door

19. Stop

20. Turn around and collect bottle

21. Sing “Flying Fortress”

22. Realise Toddler fell asleep

23. Sneak out of room

24. Fall back into bed and dream of Fireman Sam…with the theme song playing in the background


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