How To: Fold the washing


  1. Wake up after a LOOOOOONG sleep in – thanks to an AWESOME Hubby! 😀
  2. Put a load of washing on
  3. Have breakfast
  4. Get dressed
  5. Wash windows
  6. Let Toddler help
  7. Get ready to go outside to bring dry washing in
  8. Tell Toddler to get his Helmet, shoes and socks on
  9. Look outside and see that it is raining
  10. Tell Toddler it’s raining
  11. Distract Toddler with Alphabet magnets – let him keep his helmet on
  12. Start to fold dry washing already inside basket
  13. Hear Toddler playing with the pots and pans
  14. Come into Kitchen to find Toddler “Cooking” alphabet soup
  15. Fold washing
  16. Hear Toddler getting out the Wok
  17. Put Wok away and give steamer set to Toddler
  18. Watch Toddler open freezer
  19. Take frozen peas off Toddler
  20. Get told “Peas! Put in there” by Toddler
  21. Pour a few peas into the steamer for Toddler to eat and “cook” with
  22. Put frozen peas away
  23. Fold more washing
  24. Turn round to find Toddler trying to put cat into pot
  25. Take cat off Toddler and tell Toddler we don’t cook cats
  26. Take Toddler to the toilet
  27. Ask Toddler “Are you finished Darling?”
  28. Have Toddler cup your face in his hands, give you a kiss and say “Yes Darling”
  29. *Heart Melts*
  30. Help Toddler off Toilet and let them flush it (even though there is nothing there) wash hands, tell Toddler not to eat cupcake soap
  31. Get clean undies
  32. Hear banging of pots and pans
  33. Find Toddler tipping peas into the toilet to flush them down
  34. Take pot off Toddler and put on bench to wash later
  35. Turn around to find Toddler peeing up against the back door
  36. Tell Toddler that we don’t pee against the door
  37. Clean up pee and notice rubbish bin needs emptying
  38. Put undies on Toddler
  39. Empty rubbish bin
  40. Open back door
  41. Have puddle of pee gush out in a waterfall onto kitchen floor and door step (wonder how he managed to do SO much???!!!)
  42. Clean up pee
  43. Put rubbish out
  44. Put washing out on line
  45. Tell Toddler not to crash his “motorbike” up against Mummy’s car
  46. Finish hanging up washing
  47. Tell Toddler it’s lunchtime
  48. Put toast in toaster
  49. Open fridge
  50. Remove the letter “D” out of the fridge
  51. Make spaghetti on toast for Toddler
  52. Make cup of soup for own lunch – put aside to cool
  53. Fold more washing
  54. Turn to Toddler giggling
  55. Watch in amusement as Toddler “slurps” up his spaghetti and gives you brilliant smiles
  56. Praise Toddler for reaching this milestone 😛
  57. Write on shopping list – hear a clatter
  58. Pick plate of spaghetti off the floor
  59. Remind Toddler we don’t throw food on the floor
  60. Wipe Toddlers hands and give cloth to Toddler to wipe own mouth
  61. Get Toddler down from highchair
  62. Wipe Toddlers face
  63. Fold more washing – sorting out what needs to go away and what needs to go in hot-water cupboard
  64. Empty clothes out of hot-water cupboard
  65. Come back to other folded clothes to find Toddler with an armful of his clothes
  66. Give Toddler  a smile as he says “I help, put away”
  67. Praise Toddler for helping and exchange slightly damp clothes in his arms for dry clothes to be put away
  68.  Put clothes away
  69. Sit down and have cold cup of soup for lunch.

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