How To: Feed a Toddler a Musley Bar


  • Toddler asks for a musley bar
  • Go into pantry for musley bar
  • Open jar
  • Hold jar down to Toddler for them to choose
  • Toddler chooses a “Milkie”
  • Put lid on jar and return to pantry
  • Look outside – it’s sunny
  • Decide to put a load of washing on
  • Go into bedrooms and collect washing
  • Slightly wake Hubby up
  • Reassure Hubby you’re just doing washing and they can go back to sleep (it’s their turn for a long sleep in)
  • Fill up washing machine
  • Turn washing machine on
  • Turn around and find Toddler munching on Milkie
  • Realise that even though you gave the bar to Toddler, you forgot to take the wrapper off…
  • Take bar off Toddler and open wrapping to find it all mushy crumbs
  • Put in bin and give Toddler new Milkie (wrapper removed this time)

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