How To: Dress a Toddler


  1. Ask Toddler to get dressed for the day
  2. Toddler selects clothes
  3. Toddler changes mind
  4. Toddler refuses to put nappy on
  5. Toddler says “Undies!”
  6. Let Toddler choose undies
  7. Get Toddler out of PJ pants and into undies
  8. Hold red pants Toddler selected up for them to step into
  9. Toddler changes mind again
  10. Toddler fetches dirty  “Thomas” jeans out of washing basket to put on
  11. Decide that they aren’t too dirty for them to wear again…
  12. Hold jeans up for Toddler to step into
  13. Toddler refuses to put jeans on and plays with PJ buttons instead
  14. Toddler plays with “Twink” (a soft toy from Rainbow Bright, which is actually the character “IQ” but I used to call him “Twink”)
  15. Toddler uses Twink to point to animal hanging quilt
  16. Toddler names animals and makes their sounds
  17. Toddler plays with nappy bin
  18. Stop Toddler from playing with nappy bin
  19. Toddler points to undies and says “Undies”
  20. Praise Toddler for using the right word
  21. Stop Toddler from playing with nappy bin
  22. Toddler starts counting
  23. Toddler farts mid-count and thinks it’s the funniest thing ever
  24. Toddler plays with latch board
  25. Toddler reads some books
  26. Toddler then sits on knee and you read them “Tigger’s Breakfast”
  27. Get PJ top off Toddler
  28. Take Toddler to Toilet
  29. Put wet undies into wash
  30. Get new undies while Toddler goes to see Grandpa
  31. Hear “Do you mind not doing that?”
  32. Come back to Toddler and Grandpa, ask what Toddler did
  33. Get told Toddler farted on Grandpa
  34. Put fresh undies on Toddler
  35. Tell Toddler to put his pants on
  36. Toddler screams “NO!” and runs away
  37. Follow Toddler with clothes
  38. Find them in the lounge on Grandpa’s chair rocking away with toy car in hands
  39. Take toy car off Toddler and use to bribe to put pants on
  40. Fail
  41. Toddler wants potty book
  42. Use potty book to bribe to put pants on
  43. Fail
  44. Decide to use the “Hand and Foot” Method (Put hand through bottom of pants, grab Toddlers foot and put pants on that way – like you would with a baby)
  45. Succeed with Toddler saying “Foot Stuck!” the whole time
  46. Pants are on
  47. Sit down to gain energy for the next round
  48. After a ten minute break, next round begins
  49. Put Toddlers shirt on over head
  50. Toddler lays down on toys
  51. Put Toddler’s arms though holes
  52. Toddler says “Arm Stuck!” the whole time
  53. Shirt is on
  54. Toddler rolls away and leans on Arabic speaking and singing keys
  55. Toddler picks up toy to play with it
  56. Toddler gets up and goes to fridge
  57. Toddler gets out “Max Milk”
  58. Help Toddler pour milk into cup
  59. Ask Toddler to put on Cookie Monster jumper
  60. Succeed
  61. Toddler dressed for the day
  62. Go back to Toddlers room and clean up all the clothes.




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