How To: Do the washing in winter

1. Get up for the day and see that the sun is out, perfect for a wash day

2. Put a load of washing on

3. Put Fireman Sam on for Toddler while you make breakfast

4. Eat Breakfast while having a quick peek on FB and checking Emails

5. See that there are Thunder Storms in West Auckland

6. Look outside (it’s still sunny)

7. See that there is Hail and Thunder Storms in Central Auckland

8. Quickly get dressed

9. Hear Toddler say “Ta Da!”

10. Find Toddler on coffee table

11. Tell Toddler we don’t stand on tables

12. Look outside and see sky is starting to darken

13. Put Toddlers Gumboots and Warm Raincoat on

14. Run outside with basket and Toddler

15. Start putting semi dry washing in basket while Toddler rides tricyle

16. Hear “Oh no!” turn to find Toddler fallen off trike into puddle

17. Pick Toddler up and tell them it’s ok

18. Look at sky and see more darkened clouds

19 Rip the remainder of the semi dry washing off the line and throw into basket

20. Carry basket in one hand and Toddler in the other to back door

21. Take off gumboots, wet raincoat and PJ pants (find that thermal and nappy is dry)

22. Put washing basket on coffee table

23. Try to convince toddler they need new pants, socks and t-shirt on

24. Fail to convince Toddler that even though Fireman Sam wears pants, socks and a t-shirt he should too

25. Make coffee and milo

26. Manage to drink coffee and Toddler drink milo (be satisfied that Toddler is warm and dry for now)

27. Start folding semi dry clothes to put in hot-water cupboard

28. Tell Toddler “Thomas towel needs to go in the hot-water cupboard to be nice and dry and warm for tonights bath

29. Watch in amusement as Toddler picks up Thomas towel anyway

30. Follow Toddler into his room and see him put Thomas towel into his bed and tucks him in *nods* “Warm Thomas”

31. Say “well done” and convince Toddler that Thomas would be warmer with his “friends”the other towels in the hot-water cupboard until his bath tonight

32. Finish folding semi dry washing

33. Empty hot-water cupboard and put clothes from there away

34. Find pair of favourite socks in Hubby’s sock draw (been looking for these for AGES!)

35. Finish putting clothes away

36. Hear “No! Leave it alone” in Lounge where Hubby, washing and Toddler are

37. Come into the lounge expecting washing to be all over the place or Thomas towel in Toddlers hands

38. Find Toddler looking into his Nappy instead

39. Have a laugh and take Toddler to the Toilet

40. Wash hands, tell Toddler not to eat cupcake soap

41. Put semi dry washing away into the hot-water cupboard

42. Look outside (it’s still sunny)

43. Try to convince Toddler to put clothes on again

44. Fail

45. Next load of washing is finished

46. Put washing in basket

47. Open door

48. Hear Thunder – see Hail…

49. Close door

50. Put washing aside for later and show excited Toddler the Hail falling down


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