How To: Decide what to have for dinner


  1. Go out in the morning to Rhyme Time at the library
  2. Forget to get meat out for dinner
  3. Do a little bit of opshopping and get some awesome finds
  4. While out, go to a roast shop and buy some “Gluten Free” crumbed chicken
  5. Go home and share lunch with Toddler
  6. Start to get a sore tummy and feel like crap (Toddler fine, so wasn’t the “chicken” side of things)
  7. Decide it mustn’t have been Gluten free like advertised
  8. Sit down and do low energy activities with Toddler (Drawing, Reading etc)
  9. Get a burst of energy and take Toddler outside
  10. Ring Hubby to find out what he wants for dinner
  11. Find out he’ll be late home from work
  12. Decide on pumpkin soup
  13. Get pumpkin soup from Freezer
  14. Drop pumpkin soup on floor
  15. Pick up shattered pieces
  16. Put pumpkin soup in microwave bowl
  17. Toddler opens freezer – “Mince?”
  18. Take pre-cooked mince meal off Toddler
  19. Cook and serve Toddler mince meal
  20. Give vanilla rice cup to Toddler for dessert
  21. Clean up Toddler – keep finding rice
  22. Give Toddler bath
  23. Chase Toddler with Towel
  24. Dress Toddler in Thermal and nappy
  25. Give up on rest of PJ’s for now
  26. Sit down with Toddler and read a few books
  27. Toddler wants Fireman Sam…
  28. Let him watch a little bit before Daddy comes home
  29. Give Toddler bottle
  30. Toddler sits and drinks for a while
  31. Toddler comes up to you
  32. Toddler says “Hold this”
  33. Toddler hands you bottle
  34. Toddler rides truck around lounge, up to bedroom, comes back down hall and into the kitchen
  35. Toddler comes back into the lounge – Repeats again
  36. Everytime Toddler passes by, grabbs bottle for a sip then off again
  37. Sit in amusement to watch Toddler
  38. Toddler comes up to you with a hair tie and points to his hair
  39. Tie Toddlers hair up
  40. Toddler says “What you doing?”
  41. Tell Toddler to look in the mirror
  42. Toddler looks in the mirror and says “Hi There!”
  43. Toddler lies down on floor and plays with train, truck and race car
  44. Watch Toddler play for a bit under coffee table
  45. Toddler walks back to mirror (mirror is in china cabinet)
  46. Toddler puts truck on top of china cabinet
  47. Ask Toddler to take truck off china cabinet
  48. Toddler comes over gives you a kiss, collects bottle
  49. Toddler sits in doughnut
  50. Toddler unzips doughnut and takes stuffing out
  51. Take stuffing off Toddler and put back into doughnut
  52. Toddler takes hair tie out
  53. Comes back and ask you to put it back in
  54. Repeat #52 and #53
  55. Toddler says “You”
  56. Put hair tie in own hair
  57. Toddler says “No! You, Me”
  58. Figure out that Toddler wants his hair to be like yours
  59. Explain to Toddler their hair is shorter then yours
  60. Toddler gives up and plays with truck again
  61. Daddy comes home – he’s eaten dinner
  62. Put Toddler to bed
  63. Cook pumpkin soup
  64. Eat pumpkin soup while picking a few shards of plastic out of it.

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