How To: Cook Bacon Wrapped Chicken with a Creamy Mushroom Sauce


  1. Preheat oven to 200*C
  2. Discover there is only two chicken breast and not three
  3. Cut up into smaller pieces
  4. Discover there is no bacon
  5. Put chicken in oven for 45 minutes
  6. Clean chopping board and put away
  7. Cut up half the mushrooms – decide to put the rest aside for tomorrow nights dinner
  8. Put mushrooms in saucepan with garlic infused oil, turn to medium heat
  9. Peel and chop potatoes, while keeping an eye on and stirring mushrooms
  10. Cut up one broccoli, put in steamer on stove – add water, but don’t turn on
  11. Put potatoes in pot, add water and salt – turn to high until boiling then medium heat
  12. Get out butter, salt, pepper, flour, and milk to start the mushroom sauce
  13. See Toddler enter kitchen
  14. Say “Hi” give Toddler cuddle and send back into lounge with Daddy and Grandpa
  15. Watch Toddler leave kitchen and enter lounge
  16. Remove cooked mushrooms and put into bowl
  17. Put 500g butter into same saucepan used for mushrooms (less dishes and more flavour)
  18. Hear Toddler say “Banana” followed by a clatter
  19. Turn to find Toddler with banana bunch in hand – and a shattered fruit bowl at their feet (second one in a year due to a “banana”)
  20. Pick Toddler up and move to other side of kitchen
  21. Check to see that Toddler is ok (Toddler is fine and still holding onto banana)
  22. Make mental note to get wire fruit bowl as replacement
  23. Send Toddler into lounge, ask Hubby to change him
  24. Turn to clean up broken fruit bowl, find Grandpa doing it
  25. Give Grandpa brush and shovel and thank him for cleaning it up – find out later in the evening that bowl was a gift he was given 30 years ago 😦
  26. Turn back to stove, turn on element and make mushroom sauce
  27. Turn steamer on
  28. Potatoes ready
  29. Ensure Toddler is in lounge in strict hold of Daddy
  30. Drain potatoes, put in butter, salt, pepper and milk – mash the potatoes
  31. Pull chicken out
  32. Call out to Grandpa to double check chicken is ok (as he is a much better cook then you)
  33. Toddler comes running in  “Ok! Ok!” to check chicken is ok, followed by Grandpa
  34. Chicken is confirmed to be OK
  35. Put Toddler in high chair
  36. Give “Harold” (The helicopter from Thomas the tank engine)
  37. Dish dinner up
  38. Serve drinks
  39. Serve dinner
  40. Sit down and eat dinner
  41. Toddler wants down – throws Harold on the floor
  42. Get Toddler down and continue to eat dinner
  43. Toddler comes over with Harold  and rolls him over your jeans it is only then that you discover that Harold has also been rolling in mash potatoes
  44. Take Harold off Toddler and finish eating dinner
  45. Toddler goes into freezer and wants frozen peas
  46. Put frozen peas in cup for Toddler
  47. Toddler goes to high chair and wants up
  48. Put Toddler into high chair
  49. Toddler empties peas onto high chair frame and starts eating with his mouth (no hands involved)
  50. Let Toddler have his fun, collect plates and start stacking dinner dishes

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