How To: Clean a Couch Cushion


  1. Get woken up in the morning by the builders next door playing “We will rock you” By Queen
  2. Toddler comes in for cuddles
  3. Have quick cuddles before alarm goes off
  4. Get up for the day
  5. Make breakfast
  6. Dress Toddler
  7. Have shower and get dressed
  8. Go outside – Toddler helps open gates
  9. Get into car and go to wriggle and rhyme at the library
  10. Heavier traffic then usual
  11. Get to library too late for the 10am session of Wriggle and Rhyme
  12. Go for a walk
  13. Go to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  14. Find out Montessori workshop for parenting on
  15. Check it out
  16. First one there
  17. Toddler excited about new toys to play with
  18. Start chatting with Montessori educators to find out more information
  19. Another parent comes with their little girl
  20. Toddler goes up to the little girl
  21. Toddler says “Hi”and gives little girl a hug
  22. All adults in the room go “Awwwwww!”
  23. Find out other parent is president of Parents Centre (where we had anti-natal classes)
  24. Continue to have a chat with Montessori educators and President of Parents Centre
  25. Journalist for the local paper comes in, takes a few photos and interviews everyone about our thoughts on the workshop (hope that you look good in the photos… at least Toddler was presentably dressed!)
  26. Finish up workshop
  27. Have chat with Parents Centre President
  28. End up volunteering to help out with the Parents Centre – with possibility of running their playgroup!
  29. Leave and walk towards library
  30. Walk into a SPCA person – chat with them for a while
  31. Check time and see you’re too late for the 11am Wriggle and Rhyme
  32. Carry onto the Bead shop to get embellishments for current crafting project
  33. Discuss possible business opportunity with owner of bead shop… (more info at a later date…)
  34. Toddler says “Library?”
  35. Go to library, let Toddler pick a few books to read
  36. Toddler picks up “It’s ok to be different” by Todd Parr
  37. Decide it’s a good book
  38. Take photo of it and send to Sister in law (who is a primary school teacher) as a suggestion
  39. Chase after Toddler who picks a few new books
  40. Decide to go back and get “It’s ok to be different” out also
  41. Find another child has taken it to read (good for them! :-D)
  42. Decide to get it out another time
  43. Tell Toddler we are going home
  44. Toddler screams “NO!” and runs away
  45. Chase after Toddler
  46. Catch up with them in the Family History section
  47. Carry Toddler back to Children’s section
  48. Quietly remind Toddler that we are in the library and we use inside voices
  49. Quietly and patiently tell Toddler  “We are going to go into the pram, then get some books out  and then go home for lunch”
  50. Toddler still protests
  51. Toddler runs away again and hides under the Children’s table
  52. Coax Toddler out
  53. Convince Toddler to get into pram
  54. Leave library and go home
  55. Toddler smells ripe – change nappy and put into undies
  56. Sit on couch and have lunch
  57. Toddler finished lunch
  58. Turn to Toddler
  59. Toddler has vacant stare
  60. Start to ask Toddler if they need to go toilet
  61. Toddler stands up on couch
  62. Toddler looks between legs
  63. Toddler leaking
  64. Toddler says “Mess!”
  65. Grab Toddler and take to toilet for them to finish (Put peed on couch cushion into washing machine on way past)
  66. Call out to Grandpa and ask them to put a towel on the “mess” and aim to clean up after Toddler finished
  67. Toddler finished with toilet – change undies and pants
  68. Go to clean up mess
  69. Find out Grandpa has done it
  70. Thank Grandpa
  71. Turn washing machine on with Toddlers help pushing the buttons
  72. Take Toddler outside to play on motorbike tricycle
  73. Toddler playing on motorbike tricycle in front yard
  74. Toddler freezes and gasps “Uh”
  75. Toddler jumps off motorbike tricycle and runs towards house shouting “Potty potty potty!”
  76. Pick up motorbike tricycle and catch up with Toddler
  77. Toddler decides they need to close the side gate before going inside
  78. Toddler helps close gate and wants to go on motorbike tricycle
  79. Remind Toddler they wanted to go potty
  80. Toddler nods and runs to back door
  81. Toddler wipes gumboots on door mat and says “Gumboots off”
  82. Help Toddler take gumboots off and take to toilet
  83. Toddler holds on the whole time and goes in the actual toilet (Yay!)
  84. Praise Toddler
  85. Daddy comes home and looks really tired
  86. Offer Daddy a coffee – Toddler wants to help make it
  87. Let Toddler help make most of the coffee, make one for self and Grandpa too
  88. Give coffee to Daddy and Grandpa, sit down with own coffee (Toddler doesn’t want drink)
  89. Toddler plays with toys
  90. Toddler runs in for a hug
  91. Toddler running so fast you don’t have enough time to move coffee out of the way
  92. Get coffee all over jeans (luckily don’t make hot coffees for this particular reason – just in case)
  93. Check Toddler didn’t get any on them (Toddler clean)
  94. Remind Toddler that Mummy holding a “HOT” drink means that they need to be careful
  95. Toddler says “HOT” and points to now empty mug
  96. Toddler looks into mug and says “Empty”
  97. Toddler takes mug off you and says “Not hot” and “On Bench?”
  98. Agree with Toddler “Yes, it’s not hot anymore. Because it is empty – but you still need to be careful”
  99. Thank Toddler for helping
  100. Toddler puts cup on bench
  101. Toddler comes back and looks into sleeve
  102. Toddler pulls out biscuit and eats it
  103. Have a laugh at Toddlers new spot for “secret stash”
  104. Washing machine finished – help Toddler take out cushion
  105. Toddler says “Clean – in there” (pointing to hot-water cupboard)
  106. Put cushion onto hot-water cupboard to help dry over night, intend to put outside to air in the morning.

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