How To: Clean a Baby Donut


  1. Have a head cold
  2. Have a Toddler with a head cold
  3. Wake up and take toddler to lounge (so Hubby can have a sleep in)
  4. Put on Fireman Sam while eating breakfast
  5. Put Baby Doughnut in chair to make a comfy seat for toddler
  6. Cover with water proof underlay and towel to help keep it clean and dry
  7. Give Toddler Breakfast
  8. Sit down with own breakfast and coffee
  9. Toddler wants ice block
  10. Tell Toddler to finish breakfast first, then they can have an ice block
  11. Toddler has half his breakfast and gets ice block from freezer (gave Toddler extra because of this, so happy that they actually ate something)
  12. Open lemonade ice block for Toddler (hey, its one way of ensuring he’s getting enough fluids in him!)
  13. Get Thomas cup for Toddler to keep ice block in for leaks etc
  14. Toddler finishes ice block, goes to get another one
  15. Finish own breakfast and make another coffee
  16. Come back to find Toddler standing over baby doughnut (that is now on the floor flipped over) pouring the melted ice block over the underside of the baby doughnut
  17. Tell Toddler you don’t pour drinks out – you drink it or put it on the bench
  18. Pick up baby doughnut and decide that there is no choice but to pull the stuffing out and put it in the washing machine
  19. Unzip baby doughnut (silently thank Wonderful Granny for making it with zips in for this purpose)
  20. Hear Toddler playing with something that beeps as he pushes it
  21. Check on Toddler to make sure it is a toy (it was his toy calculator)
  22. Go back to baby doughnut
  23. Grab plastic bags and put stuffing in – throw out the sticky soaked stuffing
  24. Get Toddler out of the pantry
  25. Take toasty pie maker off Toddler and put away
  26. Tell Toddler to play with toys
  27. Finish emptying baby doughnut and put cover in washing machine (be thankful that it is a sunny day)
  28. Go back into lounge and find Toddler sitting on over turned toy box playing with his keys and toys scattered everywhere around him
  29. Smell funky smell – change Toddler and dress them for the day
  30. Sit down and have coffee – decide to tidy toys up later


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