How To: Change a Toddler’s Room Around


  1. Toddler wakes up at midnight
  2. Give Toddler cuddle, find they are wet through
  3. Change Toddler and Make Bottle
  4. Give to Grandpa to cuddle
  5. Change bed
  6. Decide in the morning that bed needs to be moved for better changing

The next day:

  1. Get up and make breakfast
  2. Discover there is no instant coffee
  3. Opt for special pod coffee instead
  4. Let Toddler put pod into attachment
  5. Make Toddler Milo
  6. Watch Toddler pick up play phone and talk on it
  7. Toddler gives play phone to Grandpa
  8. Grandpa talks on play phone and gives back to Toddler
  9. Toddler brings play phone to Mum Mum
  10. Mum Mum talks on play phone and give back to Toddler
  11. Toddler now has hands full of other toys
  12. Toddler looks at toys
  13. Toddler looks at phone
  14. Toddler keeps hold of toys and leans head in against phone to talk on it (while Mum Mum still holding it out to him)
  15. Give Toddler Milo
  16. Have Coffee and Breakfast
  17. Tell Toddler to come to bedroom to get dressed for the day
  18. Toddler jumps on toy truck and rides to bedroom (well, he got to his room – take it anyway I can!)
  19. Toddler chooses own clothes (Brown checkered jumper, Stripy brown tights with monkey on the bum, covered by red and black lightening mcqueen shorts and a brown and orange striped beanie on his head)
  20. Send Toddler outside with Grandpa to play on bike and collect firewood (Toddler puts helmet on)
  21. Call Todder in for lunch
  22. Prepare lunch for Toddler (Apples, cheese, saltanas and crackers)
  23. Toddler wants to “Help cheese?”
  24. Give Todder cheese slice
  25. Watch in amusement as Toddler tries slicing cheese only to give up and take a bite out of it
  26. Slice cheese for toddler and give lunch
  27. Start dishes
  28. Clean microwave
  29. Stop Toddler form climbing kitchen bench
  30. Give Thomas to Toddler
  31. Toddler goes into pantry and gets baking soda
  32. Toddler tries to open baking soda
  33. Toddler gets an idea
  34. Toddler uses corner of the pantry door to try to open baking soda – partially successful
  35. Praise Toddler for being a clever monkey
  36. Close lid and put in pantry
  37. Finish dishes
  38. Open cup of soup – spills everywhere
  39. Clean up
  40. Make remainder up – put aside to cool
  41. Do load of washing, put in basket
  42. Drink warm soup
  43. Toddler picks up washing “I help?”
  44. Take overturned basket off Toddler
  45. Put clothes back into basket
  46. Take Toddler out of cupboard
  47. Get head butted by Toddler (helmet still on)
  48. Start sorting Toddlers room
  49. Toddler stands at toilet door and knocks
  50. Open door and help Toddler go to Toilet
  51. Send Toddler outside to play with Grandpa again
  52. Start to move room around
  53. Decide more is needed to be done as Toddler is a climber and new LO will just encourage them to use bedroom as an obstacle course
  54. See that is it afternoon tea time
  55. Call Toddler and Grandpa in
  56. Make a coffee for self and Grandpa (with Toddlers help)
  57. Help Toddler make a magic milo (see how to make a magic milo)
  58. Sit down for afternoon tea – give Toddler one biscuit and Grandpa two
  59. Watch in amusement as Toddler dunks and eats own biscuit and then eats Grandpa’s two
  60. Get given a cheeky grin by Toddler when Grandpa says “Oi!”
  61. Finish Coffee and follow Toddler into the kitchen
  62. Tell Toddler to get out of the pantry and that he doesn’t need anymore biscuits
  63. Follow Toddler into lounge
  64. Tell Toddler no fireman sam today
  65. Take Toddler outside to play – Have heaps of fun!
  66. Find out Toddler can open up front gate (decide to get better lock tomorrow)
  67. Tell Toddler he’s going food shopping with Grandpa
  68. Toddler hops into the Drivers seat of car “I’m Driving!”
  69. Have a laugh and tell Toddler they are doing a good job driving
  70. Put Toddler in car seat
  71. Wave Toddler and Grandpa off
  72. Go back and finish sorting room out (It got done JUST as they came back from the food shop!)
  73. Give self pat on the back for a job well done.

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