How To: Change a Sick Toddler’s Bed


  • Have a Toddler with a head cold (poor little guy)
  • Put him to bed – give them Pamol, vicks and Kiwi Herb Destuff
  • Toddler wakes up five hours later
  • Check on Toddler
  • Toddler has been a little sick and is upset (understandably)
  • Pick Toddler up and give Mummy Cuddles
  • Change pillow slip – Pillow fine, just a little spillage
  • Try to put Toddler down
  • Toddler wants a bottle
  • Try to give Toddler warmed water
  • Toddler is not having a bar of it
  • Try to convince Toddler to have the warmed water as if he has milk, he might be sick again
  • Toddler wants milk
  • Sit down and give Toddler more cuddles and try to get them to have the warmed water
  • “NOOOOOO! Milk”
  • Toddler gets a bottle of extra warmed milk (hope that it won’t bother him too much)
  • Give Toddler more medicine (as directed on bottle – he’s due a dose)
  • Put Toddler back to bed
  • Sing “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly”
  • Go back to lounge
  • Toddler wakes up half hour later
  • Toddler has been sick
  • Pick Toddler up and give cuddle until they are much calmer
  • Strip sick coated PJ’s off
  • Clean Toddlers face and neck with warm cloth
  • Pull out warm blanket and wrap Toddler in it
  • Toddler looks at the blanket “What??? Where??!” is said in wonder (Take it that he likes this particular blanket and is wondering where it has come from)
  • Ask Toddler to sit next to “Big Ben” (a giant white teddy bear that used to be Mummy’s)
  • Toddler sits next to bear “Hi Ben – Sick” (points to self) “Yuck” (points to bed)
  • Agree with Toddler and tell Toddler to stay with Ben while you sort the bed out
  • Check bed – only pillow’s and bottom sheet have sick on them
  • Strip pillow slips and bottom sheet off – put in laundry
  • Underlay dry – opt to use top sheet on bottom and just blankets on top until the morning
  • Make bed
  • Collect new pillow from wardrobe
  • Toddler excited that he has a pillow like Mummy’s
  • Tell Toddler “Goodnight moon” (accompanied by the “Ispy Quilt” Granny made him)
  • Say goodnight and give a kiss
  • Toddler sleeps until 7am!

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