How To: Buy a plug

1. Put plug into handbag to help with size selection

2. Tell Toddler to put pants on

3. Convince Toddler that he can wear his “Thomas” jeans and Thomas shoes and socks

4. Grab cellphone, Keys, Parcel to post, and Glasses

5. Put “Cool Dude” Glasses on Toddler

6. Walk out back door, unlock car, put parcel in

7. Open car door for Toddler to get in

8. Chase Toddler on motorbike tricycle

9. Catch Toddler and put into car seat

10. Give Toddler his “Cup” and “Ducky” (Ducky must be in cup)

11. Close door and open Gate

12. Move motorbike tricycle out of the way

13. Get in car and Drive to the shops

14. Park near the post office

15. Explain to Toddler we’re going to the post office first, then we’ll got to the playground and then buy a plug

16. Get told to go “Round there” by Toddler pointing and getting upset that I took the keys out the car (I’m guessing he’s telling me to park where we usually park for Mitre10 for the playgound)

17. Calm toddler down and explain again that we are going to the post office first THEN the playground

18. Put Toddler in pram and hand them the parcel to hold

19. Get to post office and hand over parcel

20. Explain to toddler that we can’t just take things off the shelves and keep them

21. Walk out post office and walk towards Mitre10

22. Walk around corner and have rain pour down

23. Run/Walk Briskly to Mitre10

24. Go to playground

25. Remind Toddler they need to take their shoes off for the bouncy castle

26. Play/Follow Toddler around for 30 minutes

27. Look at time and realise it’s lunch time

28. Tell Toddler 5 more slides and then we’re going home

29. Count stairs with Toddler

30. Wave at Toddler through windows in tunnel

31. Count to 3 for Toddler to go down the slide

32. Remind Toddler that they have 4 more slides to do then hometime

33. Follow Toddler to the “Car” the “X” and count stairs with Toddler again

34. Catch Toddler who decides to jump from top of the stairs

35. Count Stairs with Toddler

36. Repeat steps 30-33 until Toddler only has one more time to go down the slide

37. Count stairs with Toddler “Bye Bye Stairs” (yes, say bye to each step) 😛

38. Go through tunnel – say “Bye Tunnel”

39. Count to 3 for Toddler to go down the slide

40. Say “Bye Slide”

41. Remind Toddler the it is time to go

42. Put Toddler back in Pram

43. Give Toddler a high 5 for being such an awesome boy and getting in the pram nicely with no fuss 😀

44. Put Toddlers shoes on

45. Exit playground and go to plug aisle

46. Realise that you left handbag with plug at home…

47. Collect a plug that looks like the right size

48. Buy Plug

49. Get Toddler into car by reminding them that we’re going home to each lunch, Toddler replies “Lunch” *nods*

50. Get home, check plug and it fits!

51. Give pat on the back and feed Toddler his lunch 🙂


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