How To: Bake Gluten Free Banana Bread

1. Get pre-mixed Banana Bread Mix out

2. Preheat Oven

3. Get oven trays out

4. Find Toddler looking in Freezer

5. Take Frozen Pizza Toastie off Toddler

6. Put Pizza Toastie in oven for Toddlers lunch (minus one toddler-sized-bite)

7. Decide to make Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake too

8. Dry Breakfast Dishes

9. Tell Toddler not to touch the oven. “Hot” he replies #proudmummymoment (he’s getting it!)

10. Finish drying dishes

11. Pick up Toddler and put in high chair

12. Collect Thomas quilt (as Thomas needs feeding too!)

13. Drape Thomas quilt over the back of the high chair

14. Feed Toddler Pizza Toastie

15. Decide to make the Gluten Free Mud Cake into Muffins

16. Look outside (it’s sunny again – see “How to do the washing in winter“)

17. Put another load of washing on

18. Mix together pre-mixed Gluten Free Mud Cake Mix

19. Put in muffin trays and then in the oven

20. Get Toddler out of the High Chair

21. Set timer

22. Hang out washing while the muffins bake

23. Tell Toddler not to stand on his trike to reach the Digger on the BBQ (Daddy took it off him before for throwing it around)

24. Distract toddler by asking to help with counting pegs needed for the washing

25. Get slapped in the face by soaking-cold-wet t-shirt (it was left on the line from before)

26. Bend down, collect pegs off Toddler

27. Get hair bun caught in the straps of a singlet on the line

28. Untangle bun from singlet straps

29. Tell Toddler to get down off the picnic table

30. Hang a few items of washing and find Toddler has emptied his Thomas PJ’s into the muddy puddle

31. Point out to Toddler that we now need to wash the Thomas PJ’s again and we don’t put clean washing into puddles

32. Clean Toddlers muddy Hands

33. Finish hanging up washing

34. Put Thomas PJ’s in the washing machine

35. Tell Toddler that we don’t mop the concrete

36. Take muddy gumboots off Toddler

37. Take Muffins out of the oven

38. Make coffee

39. Sit down and drink coffee – remember you forgot to make the Banana Bread

40. Decide to enjoy the coffee and make Banana Bread another day.


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