How To: Clean the kitchen floor

How do you clean your kitchen floor? See the 10 Easy Steps Below:

1. Go to the loo

2. While in there, leave helpful toddler in the kitchen to empty half a bottle of dishwashing liquid onto the floor

3. Fill a bucket up

4. Grab the sponge mop from outside

5. Remember that the sponge needs to be replaced

6. Remove old sponge to find that you got the wrong brand of replacement sponge

7. Decide to give said toddler a wet cloth to “help”

8. Get down on hands and knees to scrub the floor with the sponge

9. Get drenched by the toddler who then puts the full wet cloth on your shoulder, back, (and yes, bum!)

10. End up playing with the bubbles, have a water fight, and Finnish up mopping by walking from one end of the kitchen to the other with a towel on your feet

TADA! Clean Kitchen Floor! 


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