One fine day, while home alone with my 2 year old Son Max, I needed to go to the toilet. Usually when this happens (well at this time anyway) I collect a toy – or two – and sit him down with this toy at one end of the toilet room while I sit down on the throne and ahem… “Do my business”.

This day in particular, I couldn’t fluff around with that… so I rushed to the toilet, did my thang as quickly as I could and came back out to find that in the minute (or two) that I had been in the loo, my little angel had opened up the kitchen cupboard (WTF? When did he learn to do that?!) and emptied HALF a bottle of dishwashing liquid on the floor.

The whole week leading up to this incident I had been suffering from raging PMS that I had been struggling (and failing to my dismay) to “Keep Calm and Carry on”. I noticed a definite change with my Son and it was something I didn’t like. Growing up with a mother that blamed her outbursts on her time of the month – I did not want that for my own child. I decided to break the cycle, so to speak then and there.

When I realised that I was losing my cool, and that it was really starting to affect my relationship with my Son, I decided that things really needed to change. I have always been a strong believer in writing it down. I have kept a diary almost everyday since I was 13 years old. But since I had Max, I didn’t feel I was able to find the time (or energy) at the end of the day to write it all down.

I first tired to write when I was breast feeding, and that was just a bit awkward; so I tried doing it while I was pumping my breast milk (in short, he had a tongue tie and lip tie, so was only able to drink from the bottle) and that worked for a little bit until I dried up and was no longer able to produce more milk.

After that, my writing became sporadic, and even more so after Max was on the move – every day was filled to the brim with housework, activities to keep my little man busy and chasing after him left, right and centre. Gone were the days of being able to sit down for hours and write my heart out, cleanse my thoughts and reset me for the next day – something I had become to rely on for the past 18 years.

So, back to this day… I had just come back from a quick visit to the toilet to find my little boy, (with sparking eyes and a grin from ear to ear) pouring the dishwashing liquid over the floor and all I could think was How on earth am I going to be able to write about this in my diary?

An idea came to mind… I started to think each thing that had happened in that moment in list form or bullet point, it was easier to remember and it got everything down and didn’t take hours for me to write it! I titled this in my mind “How to Clean the Kitchen Floor” and “How To” with the Max was born.

So, here it is, short and sweet – or long and winded, depending on the day I had. I hope you enjoy and are able to have a little giggle or witness a little magic along the way. Everyday is an adventure with my little guy and I love him so much, I wish to live in the moment and enjoy the adventures with him – this is us, living our lives together with our family to the best we can and me bringing the best of me to raise this awesome little dude and allow him to be the best person he can be.

Love Tones.